ClayArt by Lezlie Finet
About me...

I never outgrew my childhood fascination with making pies out of mud,
building castles in the sand, and just generally digging in the dirt.

I love the feel of clay in my hands, working it and forming it into a vessel
to use, or an object to enjoy... experimenting with surface treatments...
testing of glazes... or trying a new firing method...  I think the endless
possibilities of pottery will continue to pique my creative curiosities and
satisfy the whims of my mental Muse for many years to come.

The solitary work of a potter suits my hermitic nature just fine, and my
little studio on a wooded hillside south of Spokane Valley is my happy haven.
I also enjoy the contagious energy sparked by interacting with other
‘mud-buds’ at group firings, workshops, art shows and gatherings where
the generous sharing of knowledge is always flowing.
The more I learn, the more I discover how very little I know.

My past work: Raku Art:
I love the unpredictability of the process, and with more than a
penchant for pyromania in my makeup, raku-firing captivated
me for
over 4 years.  I still can’t get enough of it.

My latest endeavors:
- the ancient method of burnishing and pit-firing pots to achieve the
beautiful & subtle coloration derived from the organic compounds
and combustibles in the pit.

-the new and very unique vapor-glazing technique in which luster glazes &
metallic salts are combined to create dramatic swirls of iridescent rainbows
(known as Kosai, the Japanese ideogram meaning “hue of light”).

…unless my attention has since wandered…

My husband and I have spent an ever-increasing time fleeing the
cold Washington winters, traveling through the Southwest in our RV,
camping with our 4 dogs and exploring new areas of interest.

As our southern sojourns lengthened, and my clay-withdrawal symptoms
grew stronger... I decided to ‘take my show on the road‘.
I now pack my little wheel and a small propane-fired kiln, so we can
set up and spin pots in the scenic spots we find along the way...

More serious artists might consider me a ‘dilettante with a short
attention span‘..., but I want to try it all - clays, surface treatments,
firing methods… the diverse dimensions of clay-work fulfill my need for
artistic expression and lend a sane and healthy balance to my life.

So while others may aspire to become a Master Potter,
I will happily remain a Slave to Clay.
OK, I can't resist including a couple of pics of my sweet lil' Chihuahuas.
I just love 'em to pieces!
Chappie, Charlie, Chiquita & Poopsie
4 pups in a chair
yup, they are all related.
Papa, baby boy, baby girl & Mama